About foodbuilicious

Once upon a time, boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Boy and girl LOVE food, coffee and going cafes. They decided to do something they like in common! FOOD. CRITIQUE. Eventually started a blog, foodbuilicious, about their food adventures.

“We are on a ‘SEAFOOD‘ diet. We see Food and Eat it.”

How does the name (foodbuilicious) come about? Food + bui (fat in hokkien, which also means a fatty person) + fabulous + delicious. TA-DA! Hence, foodbuilicious is born!

Founded by two food enthusiasts named Enzo Seah (Mr Foodbuilicious) and Sharon Hoo (Mrs Foodbuilicious)

…and both of them live fatty ever after

…well, not entirely true. They do exercise to make sure they always have enough space to eat more food.