Eat my CB

No, the title isn’t some kind of innuendo. Eat my CB (proper naming, Eat my Curry Bun) is actually one of the start up initiatives which sprouted during this trying Covid-19 lockdown period.

As you are already aware by now, there are many people who are affected directly or indirectly by this crisis. Besides healthcare issues, COVID-19 also brought about economic recession and with it, plenty of job losses or pay cuts all over the world.

Some people took this opportunity to carve out new avenues of income to support themselves and Eat my CB is one of those small business. It is a family business and it started by accident when the family’s neighbour bought a few of the curry buns and shared with her friends and family. This prompted the family to try out this business since the family’s income was disrupted due to Covid. You can head on to Channel News Asia for the write up. Or better yet, you can visit their website to explore how they started this business.

Moving on to the food, the bun is fluffy and the crust has a glossy shine to it.

The bun isn’t hard and we tore it apart to expose the treasure within. The curry chicken is triple wrapped; the inner most is a thick plastic, followed by aluminium foil and the outer most layer is a baking paper. According to their description on their website, the curry chicken has been cooked first before putting in the bun to be baked.

The good…

Mrs foodbuilicious liked the fact that the chicken has been deboned which is fantastic for lazy people. This also means we can just scope a piece of chicken and put it on a piece of the bun and deliver it right into our mouths without caution. The flavour of the curry is on point, it isn’t very hot and yet packs a decent amount of spice. The chicken is tender and the potato is cut of the right size where it breaks apart easily in our mouths. The entire experience feels very measured and very straight forward.

We noticed the layering of the curry chicken is done in 3 different materials, food grade plastic as the innermost layer followed by aluminum foil and lastly baking paper on the outer most layer so that the aluminum foil do not stick to the bread when the bread is being baked. The level of care and attention is a good touch.

The bad…

Now, moving to the lackluster part. At times, when we bite into the curry chicken, it felt like the canned curry chicken from Yeo’s or Amocan. The flavour really does taste like canned curry chicken which is quite disappointing. Since the point we associate the curry chicken with the canned version, the experience dipped.


Recommend to try Eat my CB because it is a good alternative to existing curry chicken bun players. The taste of the bread is more savory than others we had tried but the chicken can slightly disappointing.

Before we end this entry, we would like to mention that every box will have a personalised sketching. Below are some artwork for you to enjoy.