Levelled (pt 2)

Second review of levelled will be on their canelés. Canelé is a French dessert and one of the ingredients may surprise you. Rum is used in the baking of canelés. We had the good fortune to travel to Bordeaux which is famous for its wine and also canelés.

Some of you may ask what is rum. Rum is liquor made by fermenting sugar molasses or sugar cane and then distilled to extract the distillate. The clear distillate is then put into oak barrels to age. After a prolonged period of time, the distillate will turn yellow and light brown due to aging in the oak barrels.

Despite the fact that rum is used in the baking of canelés, most of the alcohol will be lost in the baking process. So don’t worry about getting drunk on eating canelés unless your body is extremely sensitive to alcohol.

Back to the main topic at hand, the review of canelés from levelled. If you have read the first part of our review, pastries from levelled have fillings in them and their canelés are the same. There are 4 flavours offered:

  • Original
  • Matcha
  • Chocolate
  • Black truffle

The original is pretty standard canelé with vanilla flavour. The matcha has a smooth matcha cream in the middle and it complements nicely with the canelé.

Not much is need to describe the chocolate flavoured one because chocolate is quite common. Finally, the black truffle canelé, the most exotic of the bunch. Both of us were expecting the nice aromas that we get from a bowl of truffle oil fries but we were disappointed. We did not get a strong or even fragrant truffle aroma.

In conclusion, we will recommend trying out the pastries from levelled. It’s on a limited release daily so you need to be patient trying to get on that slot.

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