Levelled (pt 1)

We have been rather quiet during this COVID-19 circuit breaker period because dining at restaurants are prohibited until July. Even then, we tried not to dine outside to minimise our exposure to the virus because the number of infected seems to have increased in the local community.

We obviously ordered food delivery for most of our meals and even ordered food from some resturants but refrained from reviewing them since the food isn’t always in the best presentation and conditions as well. Hence, reviewing the food may not do it full justice.

Recently, Mrs Foodbuilicious has started ordering some pastries and today’s post will be a review on brownies and canelés from Levelled. Accordingly to her, they only open a time slot every Tuesday at 8pm sharp to accept orders. And it is always sold out within minutes! Levelled is a small batch release pastry bakery offering with a limited quota per day. You actually have to register on the waitlist in order to order a box. We were the lucky ones that managed to snag a box on the waitlist. Sounds pretty good? Well, read on for our review.


There are four brownies each with different fillings inside.

Each of these brownies are flavourful and dense like a respectable brownie would. All of them are rich and intense to the tastebud and they are a delight to put in our mouths. Not all cream fillings are of the same amount in each of the brownie. Each filling add another layer of taste, complementing the richness of the brownie.

The most exciting…

The most exciting of the four could be peanut butter & cream and Ovomaltine.

The combination of peanut butter together with jam added a few more layers of taste like a symphony band playing harmoniously. Peanut tag team with the sourness of jam truly brought the brownie to an elevated level. Ovomaltine was exciting due to the saltiness of the sea salt topping which contrasted the sweetness of the brownie and ovomaltine. Every bite is an interesting odd couple journey.

…less exciting

The other two are less exciting but is definitely still a delight.

The cookie cream wasn’t that exciting to be honest, everything just tasted sweet and the cookie cream tasted like Lotus biscoff. For fans who love Lotus biscoff, this is for you. Personally I like nutella and finding nutella inside the brownie is a delight for me. The crushed nut toppings made chewing truly enjoyable.

To conclude

The brownies were rich, dense and not overwhelmingly sugary sweet. The fillings complemented the brownies well especially the PB & J. However, too much of a good thing may backfire and in this case, it went slightly over the top. Our throats felt dry and uncomfortable after eating the brownies and plenty of water is necessary to make sure we don’t get a sore throat for the rest of the day.

This is a must try but attempting to get onto the waiting list must require patience. We will following with a part 2 review of the canelé.

Value for Money