The Coffee Academics

Mrs Foodbuilicious suggested to go The Coffee Academics for brunch and I’m hunting for boxing day sales in Orchard Road area. Hence, we ended up visiting the outlet at Scotts Square.

The overall deco of the place has an industrial feel to it. The furniture are mainly wood which makes the place looks more cosy. It’s pretty big for a cafe and it’s so popular that it’s mostly filled up despite the large floor space.

Another fact worth mentioning is the coffee club card which entitles you to get 12 drinks for a $55. Everytime you order a coffee, you will get a cup deducted off the overall entitlement. Just DM them on their Insta or FB.


Impossible burger

For some reason I am enticed by the Impossible Burger on the menu. I decided to go with it and try the hype of plant based protein engineered meat.

My first bite into the burger is plain surprise. It tasted just like how I would expect eating a regular beef patty hamburger from a cow. This Impossible Burger tasted like real meal. My second and third bites further confirmed that the taste really matches a real beef patty burger. Even Mrs foodbuilicious found it unbelievable.

I would just like to dedicate some space here to the concept of Impossible food. Both of us thought that Impossible food is the simple mock meat that can be commonly found in Chinese vegetarian restaurants. Hence, Mrs foodbuilicious discouraged me from ordering it. However, both of us were amazed by the patty and it did not tasted like those mock meat in vegetarian restaurants.

Le Smoked Salmon

The missus ordered Le Smoked Salmon. The baked salmon was standard fare, grilled nicely and not too dry. It is not easy to bake a salmon properly without making it too dry or flaky.


The standard of the food is pretty good and the big surprise was the Impossible Burger which really taste like real beef and not the weird mock meat taste that occurs in vegetarian restaurants. As for coffee, they offer some interesting twists to their coffee.

One of my choices is to go for the Agave and Pepper coffee (not the picture thought). It contains Agave syrup and has grind black pepper on top of the coffee which provides a different dimension to my coffee experience.

Waiting Time