Shake Shack

After its opening on 17 April 2019, we finally took time to head to Jewel Changi Airport to eat at the hyped Shake Shack. It’s rather impressive and occupies two floors with a great view of the gigantic water fountain in the heart of Jewel.

For those unaware and assume that Shack Shake is a restaurant, you will be surprised. It is after all a fast food chain and seats are not a guarantee. So even if you managed to wait through the queue and ordered your food and wait yet again for your food to be prepared; there are chances you will not find any seats.


I was torn between choosing their signature Shack Burger and the Shroom Burger. Seeing how eating at Shake Shack is a rare treat, I ordered the Shack Stack which is an union of both burgers. This is a sinful delight, the meat patty is juicy but not overflowing and the mushroom is so fulfilling. Definitely a must try for meat and mushroom lover.

Mrs foodbuilicious ordered the Smoke Shack which is a cheeseburger with slices of apple smoked bacon. Needless to say, the bacon definitely enhanced the taste of the cheeseburger.

To top it off with carbs, we ordered cheese fries. The cheese was too thick and that means not all the fries are coated with enough cheese. Having too much cheese on the other hand will probably be too much to stomach.


A good burger joint to have a good standard hamburger when you’re at the airport with a few hours to spare. Not recommended to travel intentionally just to have the burger unless you have nothing better to do.

Don’t get us wrong, the burger is good. It is good for a fast food joint level of burger. It’s not to a level of goodness when it is worth 30 minutes to an hour of queuing time.

Waiting Time