Common Man Stan

Mrs Foodbuilicious suggested to have brunch at Common Man Stan located at 11-12 Stanley Road before going for a wine tasting event by Wine Connection at Capitol Square. This is the second outlet under the Common Man Coffee Roaster group.

As we walked from the Telok Ayer Downtown line station, we passed by a few other cafes. The CBD area is still quite lively with cafe goers even on weekends. The place was quite crowded and we’re lucky enough that there wasn’t a queue.

In terms of style and deco, it’s distinctly different from the typical industrial, no-frills look that plagued most cafes in Singapore. Common Man Stan looked refined and dandy but one step short of being pretentiously posh. The fact that it occupied two units, meant that there are ample seating space. There is also a separate coffee tasting area as well for private tasting events or workshops.


Croissant Croque Monsieur

This is what happens when you substitute bread slices with croissant. Ham in the croissant and melt cheese on the top of the croissant. Pretty standard fair and nothing overtly fancy. The only problem is that pieces of the croissant just gets messy all over the plat after you are done with it.

CMCR Full Breakfast

Moving on to the CMCR Full Breakfast, it is indeed a full breakfast. The bacon is thick as ham which makes it very filling. There isn’t many cafes that use such a thick bacon. Aside from the bacon, there are mushrooms, baked beans, rosti, eggs, tomatos and sausages. It will definitely turn your hangry upside down.

Verdict: A definite must visit cafe for the ambiance which is refreshing from the common industrial setting of many other cafes. The full breakfast is well worth the money.

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