Riedel Wine Glass Tasting

Mrs Foobuilicious chanced upon an event in Facebook on Riedel wine glass tasting organised by Cellarmaster Wines Singapore.

Cellarmaster Wines Singapore is the authorised distributor of Riedel glasses. All those Riedel glasses and decanter that we see in departmental stores and wine shops are supplied by them!

The event costs $112 per person and the first thought is “That’s very expensive just to drink wine out of fancy glasses.” The great thing is that each participant gets to go home with a set of 4 tasting glasses. Now that is a great deal because if you have seen Riedel wine glasses, you know they are not cheap. Basically this event feels like a special sale event and you even get to understand how wine glass shape can affect taste of certain wines.

Riedel Tasting wine glass set of 4

What this also means is that each glass is kind of sold at $28. You do not get this price everyday for a Riedel glass. Good thing is that Cellarmaster wines do hold this event regularly and there is an upcoming one in October. This is slightly special because the CEO of Riedel, Maximilan Riedel will be conducting the tasting event personally.

The 4 glasses are laid out in front of each participant with their wine varietal pairing on a sheet of paper.

Laying out of the wine tasting glasses

The bottom left glass is actually not part of the set. That glass is used to simulate the kind of typical glass that is used to serve wine in restaurants which do not pay too much attention in how they serve their wines.

It also acts as a control like in a science experiment. What it does is to demonstrate how wine taste very bad in this control glass compared to specific glass for specific varietal wine.

Below are the wines prepared for us for this session. All are pretty average and simple to drink, not too complex.

Throughout the entire tasting session, we were educated on how the different types of glass really brings out the best notes for the wine and how the shape of the bowl delivers the wine to our tongue also plays a big part on how the wine will taste.

Tongue taste regions

The shape of the glass affects how the wine flows and which taste region comes into contact with the wine and that will essentially affects how the wine will taste for the entire bottle.

Besides the glasses, the instructor also shared the importance of decanting red wines. Next, he proceed to show us the Ayam Decanter. For those who have an iota of interaction with the Malay Language, Ayam means Chicken and rightfully so.

Riedel Ayam Decanter

The decanter is shaped like a chicken and it the design isn’t just for aesthetics but it has a useful feature to aerate the wine. The product video below will explain how it works.

In conclusion, this is a great experience for both of us and not to mention we each get 4 different types of wine glasses which is a real steal.