Meat Smith x Maker’s Mark

We have begun attending food and alcohol pairing events and since the food offered are not the usual fare offered in the regular menu, we will just post photos of what was paired.

The first event we attended is at Meat Smith located at Telok Ayer. It is a pairing event together with Maker’s Mark bourbon. For those who may not be familiar with the term bourbon; it is a type of American whiskey made predominantly with corn. It does not mean the entire bottle of bourbon is made only using corn, it means that at least 51% corn is used in the production of the bourbon. On the other hand, whiskey is made from fermented grains mash which include wheat, barley, corn, rye.

Moving on to the food and bourbon pairing event, it costs $120.89 (including booking fee) and we get a 5 course meal with a serving of either cocktail or neat bourbon. Thinking about it, if you spend a night just on drinking 5 drinks, you will have spent around the same amount.

Therefore, it maybe worthwhile to attend such food pairing events. You may ask “why is it so cheap?” The reason is because venues hold such events on a weekday evening where there’s less crowd. In order not to let all that real estate go to waste, why not hold something really special.


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