FOC Pim Pam Review

FOC Pim Pam is a Spanish restaurant which also offers tapas which became our favourite food after our trip to Spain. The restaurant is located beside Orchard hotel and Delfi Orchard which is very accessible by public transport like the MRT or bus. We went there on a Tuesday evening which is great for us. We think there were just 3 tables filled throughout the night. That meant the staff can pay more attention to us which they did.

You may think that the name is strange or think the FOC means Free of Charge but that is not the case. As explained on their website, FOC (fok) means fire in Catalan language. Catalan is a distinct language on its own and even if it used in some areas in Spain, it bears little resemblance to Spanish. Pim Pam is an expression that means “Quick and easy” or “Chop chop”!


We have been gaining more interest in wine so Mr foodbuilicious ordered the Sherry flight of wines. It’s basically 4 glasses of 3.75ml of different kind of Sherry wines. The staff introduced the following sherry wines:

Each glass of sherry has a label at the bottom of the stem to tell us what it is. The staff was patient in explaining the properties of each sherry variety. The explanation started from the top left which is the lightest in colour, Fino, followed by the Amontillado which has a more complex taste and more oak flavour. The Oloroso is the most intense and aromatic in oak and tobacco. It feels like drinking slightly peated whiskey of a lower alcohol content. Those 3 wines are to the dry side which means it’s not a sweet wine.

To end off the flight experience is the Moscatel which is dessert wine. The staff explained that is it similar to Moscato since they have similar sounding names and are both sweet. However, the sweetness of Moscatel was similar to a Late Harvest and almost like a Sauternes.

Mrs foodbuilicious ordered a glass of Valenciso Reserva which is a Spanish red wine.


Cold meats

We ordered Iberico cold cut platter (Spanish ‘Salchichón’ and Chorizo Sausage) to start off the dinner. After our holiday in Europe, we started appreciating the European way of dining with cheese and ham.


Besides the starter, we ordered some standard tapas like Patatas Brava, Josper-roasted Cauliflower and ‘Estrellados’ Scrambled Eggs with Iberico ham.

The patatas brava is quite innovative. It looks more like a biscuit because of the thin strip of potatoe which is topped off with salsa and cream.

The cauliflower is chopped into smaller sizes and not exactly a fulfilling dish. For $16 a plate, it feels overpriced.

Scrambled eggs with Iberico ham is one of the better tapas.


We wanted to avoid the standard seafood paella and ordered the Duck and Octopus paella.


We took the food and drinks slower than usual since the restaurant wasn’t full and nobody was in a rush. That meant we still have enough room in our stomachs for desserts. We ordered Churros and as a goodwill gesture, we were offered a free cheese cake by the staff.


The churros was done in a horseshoe shape and not the straight type that we usually see in churros shop. We ordered tiramisu cream alongside the churros. We had never tried churros with Tiramisu cream before and it was quite an good mix.


The cheesecake was originally our choice but we did not order it because we were afraid we could not finish it. Nonetheless, the staff was very gracious enough to serve us the cheesecake on the house! It turned out to be the best cheesecake both of us had. A typical cheesecake is pretty thick and solid but this was out of this world. The cheesecake was creamy!


FOC PIM PAM is definitely a great place to chill out and have some tapas together with a huge wine selection. For those unfamiliar with Spanish wines, we recommend you to seek some recommendations from the patient staff. The only gripe is that not all food on the menu is worth the price.


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