Oriole Coffee + Bar

Both myself and Mrs foodbuilicious had some errands to complete after work in Orchard area hence, we decided to have our dinner at one of the restaurants at 313 Somerset, Oriole. This restaurant is a cafe by day and a bar by night and is located at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard.

We had wanted to go Oriole in the day to try their coffee and brunch but somehow never took the time to do so. Hence, we decided to try their dinner menu instead. The food selection isn’t plenty but still considered more than the usual bar offering. After a while, we finally decided on the St Louis Pork Ribs and Chicken & Waffle.


Chicken & Waffle

Savory and sweet is what made us picked Chicken & Waffle. I always wondered whether this is a new age millennial food kind of thing when I first saw this in a cafe. It actually turned out to be an American dish which is served quite commonly in Africa American communities which is also referred to as Soul Food. Not only that, it is also considered to be Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine.

One bite in and Mrs foodbuilicious asked a question, “Is this Har Jeong Gai?” That question raised my eyebrow as the thought of it was simply ridiculous because Oriole isn’t a fusion bar. However, my eyes widen when I took my first bite into the chicken. I’m not sure how confusing a Chicken & Waffle is supposed to be but that prawn paste (Har Jeong) really brought this dish to a different level of strangeness.

St. Louis Pork Ribs

What can go wrong with Pork Ribs? Not much especially if you took the time to grill the ribs slowly and properly. To give it the credit it deserves, the ribs were big in portion but the flavour of the marinate did not penetrate the meat thoroughly. The meat wasn’t at a tenderness level that we enjoyed.

For the unaware, St Louis Pork Ribs isn’t a style or a type of marinate. It actually refers to the type of cut of the pig.

Classifying Pork Ribs


Moving on to talk about the drinks, we unknowingly ordered drinks for the other party. Mrs foodbuilicious ordered the Auburn Russian which is a variation of White Russian. Surprisingly, I ordered the Summer Squash which is filled with Citrus fruits. Eventually, we ended up drinking each other’s cocktail.

Auburn Russian and Summer Squash Oriole
Auburn Russian (left) and Summer Squash (right)

Auburn Russian

Oriole’s Auburn Russian is variation of the White Russian which is itself another variation of the Black Russian. Both variations of the cocktail consist of vodka and coffee liqueur and you can think of White Russian as black coffee with heavy cream.

To be absolutely honest, it is just milk coffee with liquor which is great for me since these are both things I love and is also which I do at home frequently.

Summer Squash

On the other side of the table is Summer Squash cocktail filled with citrus fruits which will be a delight for drinkers who like something more sour mixed with sweetness; especially for women.


In summary, neither of the main dishes stood out particularly with the exception of Chicken and Waffles. Reason being that prawn paste was used in frying of the chicken to become Har Jeong Gai. It was also fried too long to be dry and tough to bite through the batter.

Next, the St Louis pork ribs tasted good with the sweet BBQ sauce on the outside but we would had preferred more tender meat.

Lastly, the cocktails are pretty standard stuff. There wasn’t any special crafted cocktails which stands out from other bars. We wouldn’t recommend Oriole for people who wants to try new or interesting cocktails.


Waiting Time