Roasted Black Garlic Ramen Review at Nantsuttei

It had been a long time for both of us to eat ramen at Nantsuttei. We had been so caught up with Keisuke’s ramen challenge in 2017 and to use as much as the VIP rewards as much possible; we ended up eating ramen mostly at Keisuke’s outlets.

Ramen is a beloved staple for both of us. Reason being the flavourful broth and the varieties of chashu offered by different outlets. The warmth feeling entering our stomachs bestowed by the broth is a welcoming comfort on a cool and rainy day.

Since we no longer had any incentive to eat Keisuke’s ramen, we decided to head over to Nantsuttei. No changes in their menu items since we last visit a few years ago. Most of the soup base were roasted black garlic with the differences in the choice of toppings in your ramen.

We ordered the Chashu Men and Dragon Ramen were ordered for me and Mrs foodbuilicious respectively. Surprisingly enough, Mrs foodbuilicious ordered the Japan bowl version which is a larger bowl. A reminder to those who like garlic, you can request for raw garlic to be minced to add more flavour to the ramen.


Chashu Men

The soup is flavourful and not as thick as what I remembered when they were located at Millenia Walk. It may be less flavourful since not many people will like very thick broth. However, it is still enough for me. I noticed that the amount of the black “ma-yu” oil seemed to have been reduced as well. Other than the

Dragon Ramen

On the other side of the table, a bowl of spicy Dragon Ramen is getting acquainted with Mrs foodbuilicious. A thing to note is that she ordered the Japanese size which is a slightly bigger bowl than standard. The only different is the minced spicy pork floating on the roasted black garlic broth. Be warned that the spicy pork may be small in quantity but they do pack quite a punch!


As what you have seen, there lies a hidden achievement when you finish the bowl of soup, chashu and ramen. There are many different ramen outlets in Singapore and it is easily to be spoiled for choice. Nantsuttei had been around for a long time but had never been very visible due to little publicity and almost non existent promotions or social media activities. However, we find that the broth of Nantsuttei is of top quality. It is strong and thick and yet not revolting when you’re about to finish the entire bowl.

To conclude, Nantsuttei is definitely a must try ramen outlet in Singapore. It doesn’t try to be too fancy and offers a few different types of ramen. It just does one thing and continuously do it well.

Waiting Time

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