McDonald’s new food items

Not wanting to lose their seat on the salted egg bandwagon, McDonald’s decided it could be a good idea to introduce salted egg yolk fries. In case you dear readers have not realised, food cooked with salted egg yolk sauce is a crazy hit in Singapore. This salted egg wave started a few years ago with the introduction of Salted Egg Fish Skin snacks. Since then, the food scene in Singapore took on a new dynamic.

For better or worse, there are now salted egg croissant, pizza, fries and even ice cream (Tom’s Palette at Shaw Tower sells this!).

To give McDonald’s the benefit of the doubt, salted egg flavoured food seems to still be a good bet except it isn’t! Besides the fries, they also introduced peach pie and pandan ice cream. Here’s how they taste.

Salted Egg Yolk Fries

Horrendous! $4.40 for a regular sized fries topped with salted egg yolk sauce. The concept is similar to KFC’s cheese fries. I will list out the flavours I tasted when the first bite was taken:

  • Taste like cheese
  • A faint taste of spring onions
  • Sour cream
  • A taste of synthetic food

It tasted nothing like salted egg yolk. For serious fans of salted egg yolk food, just skip this.

Peach Pie

Peach Pie

After the horrible tasting fries, we moved on to the peach pie in the hopes that it will be a redemption. Unfortunately, it tasted just as bad. I know how peaches taste like and I had eaten canned peaches before but this peach pie is an entirely strange product. Because this peach pie tastes like Pokka Peach Tea drink.

Pokka Ice Peach Tea
Pokka Ice Peach Tea

Whoever came up with the peach pie definitely based the taste on the peach tea. The chewy bits in the pie isn’t even peach because it looks like nata de coco.


Don’t waste your money on the salted egg yolk fries or the peach pie, especially the fries since it costs a whopping $4.40!

Value for Money

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