French food and Tapas = FrapasBar

The header may sound corny but that is how FrapasBar is being touted on their social media. Unbeknownst to us, it is actually a venture of Saveur. Saveur is popular for offering French food at reasonable affordable price. It can be safely assumed that FrapasBar will follow the same concept of offering French food at a low reasonable price.


There are two outlets at the time of writing; Century Square at Tampines Central and The Cathay at Handy Road. We tried the outlet at The Cathay since we were around that area as Mrs Foodbuilicious wanted to go Plaza Singapura to pick up her box from StyleTheory. The restaurant is located just beside Starbucks facing the taxi stand which is very easy to spot especially with the brightly lit signboard at night.

Both outlets are easily accessible by public transport since they are located in malls which are within walking distance of train stations.


Considering the fact that this is a tapas place, we ordered 2 sharing dish and a main for sharing. The drinks menu offers very affordable cocktails at $9. Lastly, we ordered an interesting variation of creme brulee. Oh, and we also ordered the oysters as it is $2 each. You can skip the oysters…

Saveur Pasta

The Saveur Pasta is also available at the main Saveur menu and the combination of ingredients to make up this dish is primarily Asian with sakura ebi and pork sauce and kombu (a type of seaweed).

Octopus Leg

The octopus leg is a regular tapas dish and obviously we couldn’t miss trying this. The texture of the octopus was just nicely done however, there are some parts of the octopus where it was thickly cut and was slightly harder to chew. We will recommend this because the spicy pimento puree added an extra dimension to the Octopus leg.

Duck Confit

A typical French dish like the Duck Confit somehow found its place on our table. Both Mrs foodbuilicious and myself liked duck confit and ordered this instead of other tapas dish. Unfortunately, we did not particularly enjoy the Duck Confit. It was too dry for our liking and it tasted overcooked so much that the natural flavour of the duck appears to be underwhelming.


Manhattan and Root Beer Float

The Manhattan looked rather plain. Usually, there would be an orange slice as a standard garnish so I guess a $9 cocktail may mean no frills. That doesn’t mean they cheapen out on the amount of liquor which is a steal.

It’s rare that Mrs Foodbuilicious didn’t order any alcohol this time. She ordered the Root Beer Float which puzzles me on her selection of choice.

Manhattan and Root Beer Float


Early Grey Creme Brulee

Adding Earl Grey into a traditional Creme Brulee is a daring move because it can be quite overpowering and in this case, the taste of the tea overwhelmed the dessert. You wouldn’t want to miss this out if you are an Earl Grey lover but be warned that could be very sweet for your liking.


In conclusion, FrapasBar follows the same principle behind Saveur and that is offering good food at affordable prices. Commendable on the decision to offer cocktails at $9 which is a great way for people to drink as much as they wish to without burning a hole in their pocket.

Being a tapas restaurant which I assume was the whole point, it did not really offer many staple Spanish tapas dishes. Instead, FrapasBar relied quite heavily on their French cuisine expertise. I would recommend this place if one is looking for a tapas place. However, it is highly recommended for a casual dinner before/after a movie at The Cathay.

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