Wildseed Cafe

We spent our annual year end celebration having brunch at Wildseed Cafe (usually we will go hotel for buffet, but this time round, mrs foodbuilicious decided to go to a cafe for a change!). We ordered from the weekend brunch menu. I got a Smashed Beef Patty and Eggs while the missus ordered the Pulled Pork Burger. Besides the mains, we also ordered the gingerbread latte (available only during Christmas) and a single shot cappuccino for our caffeine fix. To complete the meal, we ordered a Chocolate Merlot cake as dessert.


Finally, we came to this cafe (Mrs foodbuilicious always wanted to come here for a long time, it is just a stone away from where we lived. The best part, it is located at Seletar Aerospace Park (Nearest MRT: Punggol/Yishun)! When we reached the cafe, there was no one greeting us at the entrance. The cafe was bustling with patrons and customer chatting away in their seats. We had to approach the cashier and told them we had made a reservation for two. The space inside the cafe did not allow plenty of walking space. Arrangement of the furniture was quite close to each other and feels haphazard. I think this is to allow flexibility to shift tables easily to accommodate patrons of different group sizes.

Inside the cafe, there is a florist called Poppy Florist Studio. Consequently, that meant a portion of the cafe is basically a garden decorated with various types of flowers and plants. Needless to say, it was the most instagrammable spot in the cafe.

We mentioned that there are limited space indoors but you do not need to worry about the lack of space because there are plenty of space in the open air since it is located in a colonial house.
A point worth mentioning is that the place is a cafe by day and turns into a bistro bar by night.


Pulled Pork Burger

Let’s talk about the burger first. Mrs foobuilicious loved pulled pork. Anything with pulled pork is a must order in her food list.

Before you read our review, you might want to know what is pulled pork? In layman terms, it is just shredding of pork meat (pulling) which had been barbecued for an extended period of time until it is very tender. This practice came about when the Spanish explored the new world and brought this cooking method with them to Americas. People who does this kind of cooking usually belong to the poor social caste or slaves who can only afford to buy cheaper cuts of the meat such as pig shoulder.

Nowadays with innovation in technology, people can do their own pulled pork using a slow cooker or braising the meat in an oven.

When the server came with the pulled pork burger, I was astonished. It seems that the main is the fries instead of the burger as it covers almost 3/4 of the plate. I almost cant find my burger! The bacon cream cheese bun and the ingredients ( Horseradish | Pickled charred cucumber | Mustard | Coleslaw) that was in the bun bring out the taste of the pulled pork.

The sight of curly fries reminds us of A&W! Do you miss the root beer float and the curly fries??

Smashed Beef Patty and Eggs

Moving on to the other main, Smashed Beef Patty and Eggs. The menu listed the eggs as being cooked using a sous vide. Sous vide cooking is cooking your food at precise temperatures to bring out flavours and to achieve more tenderness which is difficult or not possible with traditional cooking methods.

Back to the eggs, I was expecting perfect soft boiled eggs with a runny yolk in the middle but it was slightly overcooked. This is the biggest letdown. The eggplant was soggy but that is just how eggplant should be. The sourdough bread was savory which added a nice touch.

Lastly, the highlight of the dish, the beef patty. The glorious patty was covered with cheddar cheese and sambal mayonnaise. The first bite welcomed a rush of flavours from the cheese and sambal mayo which went along well with the beef patty. However, as I chewed on my food, I started to notice that the beef patty lacked the typical gamey taste of a medium to well beef patty. On hindsight, a medium patty should have been requested on my end.


People always said save the best for the last. Lastly, we savoured the dessert which was the Chocolate Merlot Cake. Realistically, the entire cake wasn’t made with red wine because we could only taste Merlot in certain portions of the cake. The chocolate cream wasn’t overpowering with sweetness or cocoa.


Despite the tight space of the indoor seating, Wildseed Cafe is located in The Oval which is rather secluded from the bustling cityscape. Furthermore, the colonial houses gave this place a idyllic setting.

In terms of food, the portions were generous and the prices were reasonable and comparable with other cafes. Admittedly, I was being critical of how the eggs were cooked. The taste of the beef patty was mild but the pulled pork on the other hand was well braised and tender.

For young couples and young parents, we will recommend to pay a visit to this place. It is a nice break away from your busy weekday life. It is pleasant to take a stroll after your meal and just live in the moment with your loved ones. Or you could try the SummerHouse which is located above Wildseed Cafe & Bar. If you really want to try out this place, take a look at their menu.


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